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Some words from satisfied customers:


"I am 50+ and train for 10km races up to ultra-events and triathlons. I have struggled for years with lower leg injuries; predominantly Achilles and calf problems. Since receiving treatment from Dan the niggles have all but gone and I have been able to train without any concern of injury which is a minor miracle!


Dan is highly professional and provides friendly and sound advice in addition to sports massage treatments. I thoroughly recommend his services"


Robin, Chichester



"Having worked as a professional dancer for twelve years it is fair to say I had various injuries, aches and pains that I had collected over the years! During my first session with Dan and after giving him my LONG list of ailments he was able to diagnose my problems and get to work straight away after a full body assessment. One of my main problems was my back and neck. Dan began to work on this area and after a couple of sessions and gentle manipulation I have never felt so much better. During my treatment period with Dan I also suffered a pretty horrendous injury to my hamstring while doing rugby training. Again, Dan got to work on this straight away and I'm certain that without his expertise my healing period would have been much slower. I am now back to full training level.


Not only is Dan excellent in the work that he does, but his friendly personality made every session enjoyable.  I can't thank him enough for his patience and professionalism and for "ironing" me back out"


Ashley, Littlehampton



"Dan and I have been working together for some time. He has supported me through improving fitness, losing weight, injury and lack of motivation. He is always positive, supportive and unfailingly concerned that I get the best from our sessions. I think I can say honestly that we have never repeated an exercise programme and as a result I have a huge resource to fall back on when I can't see him.


He has also run sessions for myself and friends together with a high level of inventiveness and encouragement.


As an older, overweight woman I wanted someone who would take account of my  health and fitness levels as well as not being a 'super buff' fitness fanatic. Dan fits the bill perfectly. He is adaptable to my changing health issues. Supportive but not pushy in my battle with my weight and an excellent fitness coach"


Paula, Worthing



"Since you have worked on my neck injury it is finally better. After 20 years of physio and steroid injections, only your treatment has actually sorted it"


Cathy, Chichester