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Suspension Training

Suspension trainers (also sometimes known by the brand name 'TRX' trainers), are one of the most versatile pieces of training kit you can find in a gym, or at home.


Suspension trainers are essentially a pair of strong nylon bands with handles and foot loops.  They can be anchored to special frames (mainly in a gym), door frames, a pole or even a tree branch.


Suspension training is ideal for anyone to use because all of the exercises can be performed at varying levels of difficulty based on whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced user.


Exercises can be performed in a slow and controlled manner if the aim is predominently strength and endurance conditioning, or ballistic and fast if the aim is for more of a cardio workout.


TRX bands are highly portable. We can use them in your home or take them outside and work in the garden, a park or pretty much anywhere meaning they can be included in a variety of different sessions.


Suspension training works your core muscles hard so is particularly effective for helping to sculpt a firmer stomach (which is a top training goal for many people!). More importantly, having a firm core can help avoid back problems and will make many other elements of your fitness training more effective.


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