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In order to maintain good health, it is important to eat a healthy, balanced diet. But what does that actually mean?


Healthy eating means consuming food that promotes optimal bodily function, and a balanced diet is one that contains all the essential nutrient and micronutrient groups.


The saying "you are what you eat" could not really be more true! All of your body's tissues and organs are constructed from the food we take in. Food not used for rebuilding the body will be used as energy, much like the fuel in a car. However, if we consume a continual excess of energy it will most likely be stored in the form of body fat.


It is therefore important to be well informed about whether what you are eating is really good for you, and whether you are managing to eat a balanced diet.


As a Personal Trainer and Nutritional Adviser, it is important for me to help you understand the relationship between exercise and nutrition and striking a good balance between the two.


I understand, however, that not everyone will want to support their exercise programme with a strict nutrition plan and that is okay! It may mean that it will take a little longer to achieve your desired results, but we will discuss nutrition during your intial consultation and on an ongoing basis and work on it together.

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